Missionary Evan Steele’s Story:

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Well it all started when I was in Kona, Hawaii, at the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) organization. In this time I attended a sort of school to help grow me in Christ and help me boldly proclaim his love. To step out in faith to see the great commission one step closer to being completed.

During my time in the DTS (discipleship training school) I grew in such a hunger for God that I had a new perspective of what he wanted me to do, for all of us to do. To rise up in a generational outbreak of just radical love and unimaginable miracles. The nations of this world are crying out to be saved, but God asks us, “Who will go?”

I wondered:

  • Can God raise young people out of the lies that our culture tells them?
  • Would they be willing to go?
  • Can we see the gospel change entire nations?

Just recently I spent 2.5 months in Alaska, and let me tell you, it was a trip to remember. I saw everything from strangers coming up to me saying they drew something that I was wearing, the night before to a 3 year old asking us to stop and pray for him to stop dipping.

In this time with all the political drama and terrorism, this nation needs something to be done. It needs for a generation to stop being told what they can’t do, but what they can accomplish. God tells us to make him our priority and everything else will fall into place. If we chase after his promises and his love, what can be done to us?

I believe all these things are possible. However, as Paul writes in Romans 10

  • How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard?
  • How will they hear without a preacher?
  • How will they preach unless they are sent?

I took this simple command and am taking small, simple steps of obedience to do my part.

Through Youth with a Mission, I am a part of a ministry called Fire and Fragrance. We run 6-month Discipleship Training Schools. Students from all over the world come and receive teaching for three months and then are sent on outreaches all over the world. Our dream is that a generation would rise up on fire for Jesus and take responsibility for the great commission to be fulfilled.

This isn’t JUST a dream. It’s happening, and there is PROOF!

After students attend Discipleship Training School, it’s been shown:

  • Twice as many strongly believe God is proud of them
  • Twice as many agree that they enjoy time in prayer
  • There’s a 250% increase in those who believe they are handsome/beautiful
  • 85% believe they can confidently share the gospel

That’s just the changes in the missionaries. Last spring, Fire and Fragrance sent 190 trained students to 19 locations. Listen to these results:

  • 6,783 Salvations
  • 2,672 Miraculous Healings
  • 36,309 Heard the Gospel
  • 1,928 Bibles were distributed
  • 1,240 hours of prayer in the Nations

To see this grow and continue to happen…

My role with Fire and Fragrance (YWAM’s biggest training school) is to lead the students in their journey through DTS. This coming January, 250+ students will show up and choose an outreach location. Once we are given our outreach teams, my job will be to disciple the men on my team and guide them as they learn and encounter God. I will also plan and coordinate an outreach. After three months of discipling them as they are trained, I will lead that team to the nations!

I am so excited to be involved with what God is doing and am truly honored to get to be on staff with this ministry. God has moved in amazing ways already, and every year we are experiencing supernatural growth. I can only imagine what God wants to do long term! I am so committed to young people knowing who they are in Christ and equipping them to make God known.

I am devoting 40-50 hours a week towards full-time ministry:

  • Teaching and training young leaders in missions throughout the week.
  • Mentoring young missionaries one-on-one.
  • Leading outreach teams to foreign nations.

What is my plan after this?…

Well during my DTS, I was shown a vision from God about where he has called me. God proceeded to share with me his heart for the Gaming industry. Over 1.2 BILLION people are in the video game world. God has called me to this because: 1. It is a Lost Nation. 2. It can be considered as an Unreached people group. 3. It is more Addicting than any Drug in this Era. 4. It is a way for Escape, to run away from their problems.

When God was sharing this with me and giving me such a revelation of how I could be apart of this vision I was awestruck. For God to want to use me in such an awesome way. Imagine reaching millions of people throughout EVERY nation and EVERY place sitting in one location. For me speak life into different situations and then moments later, do the same thing. Imagine miracles happening over the internet, through video games. That is what I am chasing after. God has allowed me to be a vessel in this incredible plan to change nations through video games. To show his glory and love through an Online session.

Will you join by financially sowing into young people and missions?

My Goal is to try and get at least $1,000 a month by the end of this year, that’s only 9 people donating $110 a month..

My overall goal is $2000 a month. This is the required budget as set by YWAM oversight, which includes the basic life expenditures: Rent, ministry costs, expenses, food, travel expenses, saving, tithes, visas, and taxes.


If you would like to support via PayPal click here

If you’re interested, I can send you a detailed breakdown of the budget set for me by my organization.

When you choose to partner with me, you are giving to lasting work. I am more committed than ever.

YWAM Globally:

  • YWAM is 57 years old.
  • 4 million alumni.
  • Global staff of 18,000.
  • 1,100 operating locations in 180 countries.
  • Sending outreaches to every nation each year.

I am more committed than ever to seeing Jesus made famous in the Nations and in the hearts of young people. I believe with all of my heart that a new generation is rising up!

If you don’t feel led to give or can’t, I still would love for you to partner in prayer. I also would love it if you would be part of my journey by signing up for my email update list, where I share encouraging testimonies that happen on campus, around the nations, and in my everyday life . To sign up reply to this email saying you want to be added to the list.

I would love to connect with you on the phone over the next few days to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for praying and considering joining with this ministry; to train young Christian leaders, and release them to the nations.

With all the gratitude,

–Evan Steele

Evan Steele Updated Support Letter