2023-2024 Schedule


HPA Schedule of Classes 2023-2024

HPA Enrollment Form 2023-2024

This is the most up-to-date copy of our schedule. Please note that the Wednesday and Thursday English classes are closed (full). Biology II, Algebra II, and Personal Finance classes are almost maxed out as well (as of August 4th).

While we will be back in person again this school year, we are also happy to offer a select number of classes online as well: Government, Economics, Biology II, and Health.

Downloadable School Forms/Information for 2022-2023:

HPA Schedule of Classes 2022-2023 v3

Course Description Curriculum List 2022-2023

HPA Handbook 2020-2023

HPA Application 2018-2022

HPA Enrollment Form 2022-2023

HPA Edmodo Codes 2022-2023

Downloadable School Forms/Information for 2021-2022:

HPA Course Description Curriculum List 2020-2022

HPA Handbook 2020-2022

HPA Application 2018-2022

HPA Enrollment Form 2021-2022

Information on the 2020-2021 School Year:

HPA Schedule of Classes 2020-2021

HPA Application 2018-2021

HPA Enrollment Form 2020-2021

HPA Handbook 2020-2021

HPA Course Description Curriculum List 2020-2021

Downloadable FAQs:

FAQs for IXL

FAQs for ISNs

FAQs for Procedures

FAQs for Choice Boards

FAQs for Edmodo

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