Welcome to Higher Path Academy – a Christian home school tutorial program with a focus on ministry, missions, and leadership.

HPA was created by Leah Salyer, a teacher with experience from Pre-K all the way through college. Her passion is to see the lives of home schoolers transformed through the love of Christ and engaging teaching methods that make learning fun, rewarding, and meaningful.

For more information on HPA and Leah, please visit the About page.

Leah Salyer is Higher Path Academy. Her heart for children is the driving force behind
everything that happens at HPA. Leah is a great lover of Jesus and it shows in her compassion and desire to connect with her students and their families. In addition, the level of professionalism offered through HPA is exceptional. There are many tools in place for communicating with parents and students outside of class time. The balance between relationship and a professional level of teaching is a unique treasure among the home school community. I am thankful for Higher Path Academy.

-Shannon Lane

Shannon Lane’s Story

“I have had the privilege of being a part of church and school work for over thirty years. My oldest two children were home schooled through graduation.  My next two graduated from a private Christian school where my wife taught for ten years.  I also was the founding superintendent of HOPE Academy, a private Christian school in Indiana.

I offer my background to let readers know that we have been on every side of private education and have a depth of experience.  That being said, we had to make a tough choice for our youngest, who is a traveling athlete.  Upon the recommendation of some friends, we pulled our daughter out of school and enrolled her at HPA for her junior year.  What happened next was not only amazing, but a blessing.  Her grades improved, her attitude improved, her work ethic improved and her skill as a volleyball player improved.   We feel this is all because of the learning environment provided at HPA and the true love and care shown by the director, Leah Salyer.  

We recommend the school to anyone wondering about homeschooling.  Make an appointment, meet Ms Leah and have your child sit in on a few classes.  I am sure you will be pleased and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or concerns.”

-Dr. Lawrence J. Courtright, HPA Parent

Dr. Lawrence Courtright’s Story

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