Welcome to Higher Path Academy – a Christian home school tutorial program serving grades 6-12 with a focus on ministry, missions, and leadership.

HPA was created by Leah Salyer, a teacher with experience ranging from Pre-K all the way through college as well as leadership experience in the fields of praise and worship, youth ministry, and women’s ministry. Her passion is to see the lives of home schoolers transformed through the love of Christ and engaging teaching methods that make learning fun, rewarding, and meaningful.

Or, in the words of one HPA mom, Jennifer Smith, “Higher Path Academy…the school that will teach your children to love to learn again.”


Leah believes that students thrive in an environment that is Christ-centered, challenging, and engaging. She encourages this positive environment by fostering a sense of community through relationships that are deeply rooted in Christ.

“The balance between relationship and a professional level of teaching is a unique treasure among the home school community,” said HPA mom Shannon Lane.

She loves incorporating innovative teaching practices and assignments (such as passion projects and choice boards) that give students the freedom and flexibility to showcase their God-given talents and abilities in a safe and supportive learning environment. Leah also believes in not simply teaching the curriculum but also equipping students with the skills they will need long after the class ends.

If you are looking for a welcoming environment that feels like doing school and life with your friends from youth group, HPA might just be the homeschool home you’ve been looking for.

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“Choosing HPA for my junior year was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As a student-athlete with such a tight schedule, Mrs. Leah has been very helpful with my schoolwork and staying on task. Ever since the beginning of the school year, she has been such a fun and loving teacher. I’m a student that stays for a full day, and once I leave that school, I know that I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time. Mrs. Leah is always on task and organized which really helps me learn instead of the class just going everywhere. There’s never a day that I dread coming to class. I highly, highly recommend everyone to join this school. HPA is a very welcoming and friendly school, and you won’t regret coming.”

-Joy Courtright, HPA Student

Joy Courtright’s Story

Leah Salyer is Higher Path Academy. Her heart for children is the driving force behind
everything that happens at HPA. Leah is a great lover of Jesus and it shows in her compassion and desire to connect with her students and their families. In addition, the level of professionalism offered through HPA is exceptional. There are many tools in place for communicating with parents and students outside of class time. The balance between relationship and a professional level of teaching is a unique treasure among the home school community. I am thankful for Higher Path Academy.

-Shannon Lane

Shannon Lane’s Story

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