Jennifer Smith’s Story

“Higher Path Academy…the school that will teach your children to love to learn again.

After years of struggling, Rebekah is part of a learning environment that is full of laughter, love, understanding and no judgments. Mrs. Leah Salyer is a God-fearing woman who is filled with the love of teaching others. She has finally fulfilled her passion by teaching children. She created HPA to be a Christ-filled environment full of one-on-one learning, individual creativity, and helpful classmates that never leave students to believe anything other than that they can make great things happen!

Since being a part of the HPA family, I have watched my daughter grow into the most fabulous young lady who has learned to love learning all over again. Her passion for reading and writing has been amazing to watch. She looks forward to meeting her goals and wakes up every morning striving to be better than yesterday.

I owe all this to the power of a good teacher…Mrs. Leah Salyer, you are a true blessing to our family and each of those sweet kiddos that you get to love and educate everyday. We are blessed and we are better people for having you in our lives. Thank you…from the bottom of our hearts…thank you. We love you and are so happy that you had a dream and you picked us to be a part of it with you.”

-Jennifer Smith, HPA Parent