With the first snow on the ground, my mind turns to my love for the changing seasons. Everyone seems to have his or her favorite, and my mother and I are no exception. In fact, we share the same favorite season – fall. Here is what our beloved “Mama Thayer” had to say about her favorite season…

I love fall! I’ll say it again, I LOVE FALL! It’s my favorite time of year. I feel cool, crisp mornings. Folks have turned their gardens. Leaves are falling with exceptional color. I walk the woods with my furry kids. I want to rest, and I long to draw closer to family and friends.

Do I even need to make a case for fall’s aromas? Cinnamon, cider, pumpkin spice, spruce, and apple crisp. The good news is there is something for every level of motivation – be it in a kitchen baking or a simply enjoying a scented candle! Did I mention Lifetime movies?

At this point I’m in anticipation of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and full tilt bore winter. (Winter is the only time I can give myself permission to put aside my gardening tools and hibernate.) Yes, I’m a fan of all the seasons. I totally get the whole spring rebirth thing, for instance, and I’m a fan of that as well, but fall…it feeds my soul. In all of God’s wonders – numero uno is fall – especially if you’re Southern. Happy Fall, Y’all.

So what is your favorite season? The Bible teaches us that “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). With this in mind, we are gearing up for a season of growth and change at HPA, as well, so please stay tuned for important announcements!

Photo by Laula & Co on Unsplash

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